What makes a Perfect Home?

‘Home’, the word in itself, gives so much warmth and brings happiness to life. It takes time to make a house a home. There are many factors to keep in mind before buying a house, any land, or while constructing the house. It is very obvious that one makes a lot of effort to build […]

Commercial Property Leasing : Essentials to Know

Commercial property lease remains one of the most important aspects of running a successful enterprise. Since rent remains a significant hidden cost, it is imperative to negotiate a favorable commercial contract that fuels your business growth in the long-term. A formal agreement between landlord and business tenant, a commercial lease comes with a host of […]

The Benefits Of Owning Commercial Real Estate In Mohali: A Comprehensive Guide

Owning commercial real estate in Mohali can offer a range of benefits for investors and business owners. This region has garnered increasing attention from investors in recent years is Mohali. Since its one of the most rapidly developing north Indian cities of Punjab. Owing to its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and growing business ecosystem, it’s […]

Steps To A Successful Property Purchase

Buying Property has become a trend in India. Every person wants to invest in the property which will give them high return in future. So, they want to earn extra income. However, not everybody wants to earn extra income as some really have to buy home to fulfill their dreams. Such people try to make […]

The Future of Commercial Real Estate Investing in Mohali

Mohali or the Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar is the city adjacent to the capital city, Chandigarh. Also, Mohali is the most prosperous and well-planned city with an ever growing economy and infrastructure. Moreover, the real estate market of Mohali is experiencing a significant increase in demand. Besides this, the city is also becoming the hub […]

Why Should You Invest In Indian Real Estate?

Everybody wants to earn more money so they go for investment. It can be any investment. Investment in shares, investment in stocks etc. But nowadays investment in real estate is considered as one of the best investments. According to a report, 77% of the total assets of a typical Indian household are in real estate. […]

Why You Should Buy a Flat in Omaxe New Chandigarh?

Searching for a Home? Omaxe New Chandigarh is the perfect choice to opt for if you are thinking to buy a flat. The project occupies a vast area. Moreover, it offers lavish Residential spaces along with commercial plots. In addition, it is located in the heart of New Chandigarh. Which connects it to Universities, health […]

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