Commercial Real Estate in Chandigarh

Check out the Trends and Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate in Chandigarh

The beautiful city Chandigarh is an ideal place for investors looking to invest in commercial real estate. The trends influencing the same offer a shining future. This developed city has a number of reasons to attract the interest of investors. Starting from a sound administration to a huge market, the business opportunities in the city are flourishing every other day. Hence, investing in the Commercial real estate in Chandigarh can be a great choice!



Tricity has a lot to offer when it comes to providing employment opportunities in varied sectors. Owing to wide spectrum of industries, demand for office spaces drives in. Also, to provide a comfortable and work oriented environment to the employees the demand for office spaces is rising high.


Chandigarh being a hub of educational institutions and employment opportunities expands the scope of allied business activities. To add, the demand for retail spaces is an important factor. With thousands of students living in the city business activities catering their interests increase. For example, there is a demand for grocery shops, cosmetics store, clothing and accessories, gadgets etc. To cater these needs, businessman plan to invest in commercial real estate in Chandigarh


In modern societies, the hectic schedules of the customers has turned life into a monotonous routine. Adding to this, there is demand to set up commercial buildings like shopping malls. Because, these malls are a one stop solution to various needs of the customers. To add, it is a place for entertainment purpose as well. While Customers come and enjoy here, they keep shopping for their daily essentials. Therefore, commercial real estate in Chandigarh is highly influenced by the modern need of the customers. So, it fulfills the demands of its consumers.


Chandigarh is among one of the favorite places for a startup. People looking for opportunities to launch a setup are very much influenced by the city. The huge consumer market and availability of a variety services plays a big role. Also the city offers lucrative returns if one successfully makes a recognition of their brand.


Chandigarh is truly the favorite place for the people of neighboring cities like Punjab, Haryana and Himachal. For recreational purpose, It is the first among their preferences. Moreover, among teenagers this is a must visit place. As the place has a number of theatres, night clubs and luxurious food and clothing outlets. Hence, this acts as a trend in shaping the scope of commercial real estate in Chandigarh.

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Plethora of options for Commercial real estate in Chandigarh and around Chandigarh

1. Maya Garden Magnesia, Zirakpur

Maya Garden Magnesia Zirakpur

Maya Garden Magnesia stands as a unique property with its three-side open corner position bordered by wide roads. Its strategic location serves as a convenient access point for tourists traveling to Haryana, Himachal, Chandigarh, and Punjab. In essence, it offers a comprehensive solution suitable for various businesses, ranging from small to mid-sized modern industries, seeking ideal spaces for retail, showrooms, and offices for their startup ventures.

2. Mohali Citi Centre at Aerocity Road in Mohali

Mohali Citi Centre at Aerocity Road in Mohali

Located on the Aerocity Road in Mohali, the Mohali Citi Centre thrives in the rapidly evolving region under GMADA. Its strategic placement and impeccable craftsmanship cater to the needs of a community of over 20,000 residents, with expectations of further growth in the upcoming years. This trend indicates a promising opportunity for investing in commercial properties, given the prime location and increasing density of the area.

3. Sushma Infinium, Zirakpur

Sushma Infinium Zirakpur

Sushma Infinium emerges as an exceptional commercial property, nestled among multiple high-density residential group housing communities. Moreover, this current venture presents a highly favorable opportunity for investing in Chandigarh’s realty sector, particularly within the commercial property domain.

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In short, the commercial real estate market in Chandigarh is driven by a number of factors like job opportunities, business activities etc. In addition, the huge consumer base acts as a cherry on the cake. The future of the commercial real estate market looks very bright as the services demanded by consumers are increasing every other day. Also, the shifting interest of people to start a business in tricity is an important factor in shaping the trend.

Written by: Ritika

(Disclaimer: All the statements are opinions and perspectives. Hence, the accuracy of the facts is not guaranteed)

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