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How to invest in real estate as a college student!

Starting to invest at an early age can be the best ever financial decision one can make. Putting your money to work can help you earn more and build a strong financial base. However, being a college student, it may be difficult for you to invest in real estate as you are not earning at this point of time. Also, even if you are willing to invest, your family members may ask you to drop this idea and focus more on your studies as the real estate sector maybe risky due to the property frauds that are happening now and then. But it will be surprising to know that you can actually invest in real estate without even owing a property. Yes, you read it right. Therefore, stay with us to know how to invest in real estate as a college student.

How to invest in real estate as a college student


REITs are special companies that make investments in commercial real estate projects. Moreover, REITs are becoming more popular among the real estate investments in India. Also, REITs are less risky than the stocks. Therefore, these can be your answer to how to invest in real estate as a college student.


Being a student if you want to know how to invest in real estate as a college student, then your answer lies in the Real Estate Mutual Funds. Because you can invest in these funds even with little money in hand. Therefore, it is a good investment option for students. Furthermore, these mutual funds make majority of their investments in real estate stocks and REITs. Also, they directly purchase residential, commercial and industrial units.


This wholesaling can prove to be the best investment option for the students. Because, as a wholesaler, you come into an agreement to buy the property with an undervalue. Then these properties are sold at higher prices. Therefore, you earn the profit from the fees that adds to the transaction.


These Exchange Traded Funds belong to the companies that are present in real estate industries like home construction, commercial properties, hotels, restaurants and more. Also, these funds trade on stock exchange and therefore, much similar to stocks. That’s the reason why these can be an answer to how to invest in real estate as a college student.


Therefore, why to let your college stop you from investing in real estate when you can actually enter this sector without much money in hand. REITs, ETFs, Mutual Funds and the Real Estate Wholesaling can allow you to build a strong financial base and learn more about the real estate sector. Moreover, these are stable answers to how to invest in real estate as a college student. Besides these, you can also go for Crowdfunding wherein you can appeal for funds from your family, friends or the investors and raise the capital for your project. Therefore, don’t fall for the myth of studying first and then going for investments when you can have a less risky real estate investment options in your favor.

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Written by: Daman Deep Kaur

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