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Investing in Rental Properties: Tips for Landlords

In the recent years, real estate has become a really benefiting business. However, it is very crucial to know the right time to buy or sell any property. Also, investing in rental properties has witnessed a real boom. The reason is because people consider it a fairly easy way for getting higher returns. But it is crucial to know that rental properties consume a lot of resources and management costs. However, undoubtedly it is a very intelligent way of getting higher returns. Because being a landlord, you can rent out the property and get a significant cash flow.

Therefore, if you are thinking to invest in rental property, then here are some tips for you to consider while making investment in real estate.

Tips for investing in rental properties:

Look up for your finances

You should know that cash is the king. Therefore, have a strong financial system before buying a property. It is because banks are really critical while mortgaging the investment property. Therefore, giving away the sizable down payment would help you a lot.

Look for the locations

Location is the most important factor while going for investments in rental properties. As a landlord, some areas might appeal to you but not the renters. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to evaluate the locations. So you can make potential use of local market data, average rental rates and comparisons. Moreover, areas with universities can have better rental values due to the presence of student population.

The 1% rule

If you want to know whether your investment was a good one, follow the 1% rule. It means that your monthly rent should be equal to 1% of your total investment value. If your location does not support it, consider moving on to another location. Therefore, your location evaluation plays a very important role here.

Knowing the right place

Many landlords suffer from this problem if setting the price either too high or too low. Therefore, local competition evaluation is necessary for the proper pricing. Remember that there are many options available to renters while they are looking for value and amenities.

Look for a specific type of rental properties

The following are the types of rental properties-

Single-family homes
Duplexes and Triplexes
Student housing
Corporate housing
Commercial properties for lease
From the above types, you need to choose a specific type for your property.


Therefore, rental properties can be a very intelligent investment option but there are certain factors that landlords need to look for. Start with your finances and move on to choosing your specific type for rental properties. Moreover, location evaluation must be a priority for you. Also, remember to apply the 1% rule.

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Such properties can generate tax benefits, rent and capital gains.

by- Daman Deep Kaur

(Disclaimer: All the statements are opinions and perspectives. Hence, the accuracy of the facts is not guaranteed)

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