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Top 5 things to look for in a property in Mohali, before purchasing it!

Mohali has a rapid rate of development because of numerous reasons. Easy access to National Highways, near proximity to the lovely city of Chandigarh, the thriving IT Park Mohali, good living standards and much more. Moreover, a wide range of investment opportunities in both the residential and commercial sectors are the primary drivers of this rapid growth. Therefore, if you’re seeking the greatest spot to purchase a home in Mohali. Then, you should thoroughly search for a new real estate investment. Hence, check out these Top 5 things to look for in a property in Mohali, before purchasing it!

These are the Top 5 things to look for in a property in Mohali, before purchasing it!

1. Good Location

You may live a balanced and practical lifestyle if you find the ideal location for your dream home. When determining the value of a home, proximity to amenities including workplaces, schools, hospitals, daily food stores, lush greenery, attractive surroundings, and neighbourhood standing are most important.

2. Calculate the Likely Resale Value

In order to determine the likely resale value, you must examine and check the future development possibilities of that location from real estate professionals.

3. Examine the construction’s quality

Make sure you often visit the construction site when purchasing a property that is still under construction in Mohali to inspect the quality of the work. Additionally, speak with their previous customers to see whether they experienced any problems.

4. Assess the Property’s Size

Make sure you are aware of the carpet area of the property in Mohali. Get the area size breakdown, including the carpet area and the super built-up area, from your builder. Whereas the carpet area is the space that your home occupies. The super area includes the shared amenities used by all residents, such as the hallways, staircases, lifts and lobby.

5. Check the parking space

To avoid any future discomfort, you should often check the on-site project for parking space. Check out the designated parking space. Only request covered parking because open parking may lead to issues and long-term damage to your vehicles!

In the end, the choice to purchase the property in Mohali is all yours. So, when you decide to purchase a house in Mohali, be sure to take all of these factors into account.


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